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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

ACH Universal enables you to send individual emails for any QuickBooks initiated transaction.
Reduces 'Returns for Insufficient Funds' collections from clients.

Typically used by utilities, municipalities and others who collect funds from consumers on a recurring basis, but with a non-standard amount.

'Electronic remittance stub' - cuts down on vendor calls

Lets the vendor know which invoices you are paying.

Create your own personalized template that will be sent out to each individual, with only their information.

Email setup

Please setup email if you have not done so already.  [See 'Setup and Configure ACH Universal Email'.]

QuickBooks-specific details

The most significant advantage of using ACH Universal to email notifications, is the ability for the email to contain the check 'stub' information.
Make sure that you have elected to click on the 'stub' checkbox on the last page of the email setup.


As an example, below is what your email can look like.


Sending out 'item' details?  ACH Universal can accommodate this as well:


Note:  ACH Universal is able to email Vendor detail information down to the level QuickBook gives that information such as detail Expense and Item information in a check that is written.  Bill Pay stub information is not available to be emailed to clients due to the fact that  Quickbooks does not show that detail in the bill to be paid screen.

Pay stubs

You can send payroll stub information through QuickBooks (but not through ACH Universal).


The emails will be password protected
You can then send out the emails from the QuickBooks main menu File > Send Forms.

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