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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

After data is imported to Bank Positive Pay, you are ready for the final step: creating the issue file and transmitting it to the bank.

Click on 'Create File' from the left hand navigation pane or alternatively, click the Create File button in the center of the homepage.



The 'Create File' screen is where the file to be uploaded is created.

The second paragraph lists the transmission method. In almost all cases, you will upload your file to your bank through their website. A transmission method of None will create the positive pay file, at which point you should log on to your bank's website and submit it to them. Your bank will provide you with instructions for doing so.

The third paragraph displays where the Transmission File will be saved. The default location for the file is the C:\Program Files\Treasury Software\Version Number\To Bank

The default file name is the name of the account, followed by an underscore and the word ‘transmit’. The file will always have a .TXT file extension. For example, the account named Payroll would create a transmit file named Payroll_transmit.txt.

The 'Review Records' link on the Right Side Explorer Bar allows you to access the Reports Section for review or deletion of Records

Click 'Go To Create File Page' to proceed with creating the file.

Next click on 'Create Issue File'.



Positive Pay will ask if you want to view the file. Select 'Yes' if you want to verify the format or review the file. Otherwise, click 'No'.

At this point, transmit the file to your bank using their procedures.

Congratulations! You have completed your first transmission file.

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