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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

You can create profiles manually, one at a time, or you can create multiple profiles at one time by importing an Excel, comma delimited (CSV) or other tabular file type that contains the profile information.

Manually Creating Profiles

Select the 'Profiles' tab > 'Add'... and then manually key in the information.



Importing Profiles

First, create a spreadsheet with the basic information.


From the main menu select the Profiles tab > Import > Customers, Employees and Vendors to start the Import Wizard.


The Profile Import Wizard Mapping screen will be displayed (below). Map the file as appropriate...


... and complete the wizard.

Afterwards, run a Profiles report (Profiles > View/Edit) to review/confirm your work.


Profile Options in ACH Setup

You can set the following options in ACH File Setup which can be accessed by selecting the 'Settings' tab > 'ACH File Setup'.  On screen 7 select the 'Profiles/Origination Accounts' tab.




Start the Import Transactions Wizard as usual from the ACH Universal home page.
At the mapping window, click on the 'Show all fields selection', and map the following two fields:
--Amount or Amount_Reverse_Sign
--ACH_Name_Internal (Profile Lookup) or ACH_ID_Internal (Profile Lookup)


Click next to review your records.  If there are no exceptions, simply complete the Import Wizard
Working with missing profiles

If you imported a transaction, but didn't yet create a profile for the Vendor (or Client or Employee), the transaction will not be imported.

At this point you can either:

--continue importing the file without the record and add the record later, or
--stop the import, create the profile, and then re-import the file

Unimportable Records reports

If you have automated the process, or would simply like to review your records which were not imported, select the View tab > All Reports > Unimportable Records.
Remember:  the 'Unimportable Records' report contains all unimportable records (blank rows, headers, etc.), not just those 'Not on File'.
Tip - There is an 'Unimportable Records - Last Import' report which is a time saver.


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