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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files


Create a new account in Positive Pay.  

The steps to create a new account - from the main menu select File > New Account...  The top option “Create an Account and Add it to your Catalog” should already be selected.  Click Next, and go through the wizard.

The account name is for internal use and should help you identify the purpose of the account.

Create New Account

Congratulations! You have finished creating the account. Click Finish and you will begin using this account.


Do you need a Bank Express Code?  

If you need a bank express code for your bank, you will need to do the following for us:

1.  Let us know what bank you are going to be working with each day.

2.  Send us the bank file layout specifications for your bank.

If you are wondering what the bank file layout may be, that is the setup of how your bank will accept your file.  This normally comes in a written document from the bank.  It states the parameters of the width and justification of each item they want in the file.  A example of what we are looking for is below:

File format example

3.  Once you get that document please contact our Support department and send it to us.

4.  If we do not have your bank format on file we will be happy to setup the file format and assign it a Bank Express Code.  The development team creates and publishes these codes on Monday.

To enter the Bank Express Code, click on Settings >Enter Bank Express Code... enter the Code provided and "Update Bank Information".  Continue through the wizard until finished.



Connect to QuickBooks Online

Once an account is created in Positive Pay, you'll want to continue working in that new account.  Go to the Quickbooks tab, and click on the "Online Edition" of QuickBooks Integration.

QBOE home icon

An Account wizard will pop up --

Step 1. Enter the QuickBooks Online Company ID and "Authorize".  (In Bank Positive Pay 2018, Build 823 and higher, you will just click "Authorize".)  This will connect your QBOE to Positive Pay.

QBOE Authorize


Step 2. Once authorized, the bank account(s) will populate and you'll choose the account you want to pull checks from to create your file--and "Save Bank Account".

QBOE Select Bank account

Now, you are ready to transfer your checks to create your Positive Pay file!

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