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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

There are six choices available as transmission methods. See 'Changing File Transmission Method' to learn how to change methods.

The method you use is based primarily on how your bank requires the file to be transmitted and, secondarily, on your company's policies regarding electronic funds transfers.




The ACH file will be created and archived, but it will not be transmitted.  You must transmit the file to the bank manually (by logging in to the bank's portal and uploading the file).


After creation, ACH Universal will transmit the file to the FTP server you specify.  This should be your bank's FTP server.  Contact your bank for information on their requirements.


After creation, your file is created and Treasury Software can automatically transmit your file via SSH to your bank.

Web Upload

After creation, your default Internet browser will be started to a specified web page that corresponds to your bank's upload portal.  Upload the created file.

By default, ACH Universal will use Web Upload and load a generic page on the Treasury Software website, reminding you to upload the file in your bank's website. 


ACH Universal will email the created file as an attachment to the email addresses specified.  This method is not recommended as it is not secure.


For backward compatibility only.  Used to transmit the file using modem commands.



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