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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

Below are the tags you can use in email notifications to tailor each email to the individual recipient.  To use the tag, insert it into the appropriate space in the email.  


Transaction Tags




Effective transaction date


Transaction amount


Name of party receiving the notification


An identification number for the receiving party.  For example, employee ID or vendor ID.  Do not use Social Security number. If you must use the SSN, see [ID_LAST4]


Uses only the last 4 digits of [ID]. Useful when a Social Security number must be used to mask the majority of the number.


For backward compatibility.  Does exactly the same as [ACCOUNT_LAST4]


Display only the last 4 digits of the account number.


ABA/Routing number


Description of the batch containing this transaction.  Rarely used.


Displays 'Checking' or 'Savings' for the appropriate account type


Display the transaction's addenda record, if any.  Maximum length of 255 characters.


Display the email address being notified



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