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Installing on computers where there is no user write permissions to the \Users\Public folder.



Treasury Software uses a working directory to store account lists, tutorials, reports and persistent workstation settings from one session to another.

This information is independent of the account databases, and is therefore needed regardless if the software is on a desktop (brd file), SQL Express or SQL Server platform.

By default, Treasury Software creates this working folder at:
C:\Users\Public\Treasury Software

Note: This folder is not created at installation, but is created at the time of first use


In certain environments, for security concerns, users are restricted from writing or modifying data in the C:\Users\Public\ folder.

 Steps to resolve this issue

1. Install Treasury Software as usual (this requires administrative rights).

2. Start Treasury Software (while still logged on with administrative rights).

3. Select 'ACH Universal' from the 'Welcome New Users' screen--or any account if you have already created accounts.

4. From the Settings tab select 'Migrate to Remote Desktop Services' to start the Wizard.  On the second panel of the Wizard, select the directory that you want to use.


Complete the Wizard, exit the software, and you are done.  

You can now log off as the administrator.


You have changed the working directory to the directory of your choice.

In doing so, you have engaged our Remote Desktop feature.  Please make sure that you have the appropriate license required for this.  

While no data will be written or stored in the C:\Users\Public\Treasury Software going forward, the 'pointer/shortcut' to the new directory is stored there.  Please do not delete this folder.  Make sure that the user has read rights to the folder.

Important Reminders:

--Do not delete the files at C:\Users\Public\Treasury Software.  
--The user will need read (not write) access to the C:\Users\Public\Treasury Software folder.

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