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To change the effective date in your import there are a couple of places you can do this inside the software.

If you are using QuickBooks:

You can change the date of your checks to the date you want the effective date to be or you can change the date to be the ACH Universal date which is traditionally the next business day.

If you want to change the effective date to be the ACH Universal (next day's) date you need to do the following:

Go to the QuickBooks icon on your Treasury Software toolbar:

Change effective date

Then select the Common Settings tab:

Common settings

Then select the middle radio button in the Common Settings (item in red below). Then select the Save button.




If you are importing an Excel or CSV file:

You will need to go into your ACH Setup wizard that is on your main screen:

ACH setup

Then click through to Screen 5 of 7 (choose 'Advanced Setup' options) and then select the effective date you want using the dropdown on the right side. Then click Next, then Next again, and Finish. Once you change it for that import, remember you need to change it back the next time you import.

screen 5


If you are importing data via an Excel or CSV file and you include a (mapped) 'Date' column when importing, the software will use that date as the effective date; it will override the system date.

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