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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

Your report data can be exported from Advanced Reporting to an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. Note:  You can export to Excel without having Excel installed, but it must be installed in order to view the exported file.

All export options are accessible through the Export option on the main menu.  These options are:

Excel Export - All Records

Export all displayed records.  Records filtered out will not be included.  All visible columns will be exported.

Excel 'Copy' - Selected Records

Export all manually selected records.  All visible columns will be exported.

CSV Export - All Records

Same as Excel Export- All Records, but exports to a CSV file

CSV Export - Selected Records

Same as Excel 'Copy' - Selected Records, but exports to a CSV file

Data Dump - All Records, All Columns

Exports all records (regardless of filter) and all columns (visible and not visible) to a txt file.

Also under the Export menu is the option "Open Excel when exporting to Excel or CSV."  Leave this checked if you wish to load the exported file immediately in Excel (Note: Excel must be installed).  To export to a file but not view the file, select the option to uncheck it.



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