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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

The Scheduler is used to schedule single file imports and file transmission. If you need to schedule multiple files during the same

routine, see Custom Import Menus.


There are two steps to scheduling an automated file import and transmission (from now on called a job).

1. Create the job.  This would be the account to be used and the file to be imported.

2. Running the job. This instructs Bank Positive Pay on time and frequency the job should be run.

Create the job

Select Automation > Basic Automation from the main menu.  The below figure will be displayed.  

Basic Automation - BPP

All the accounts are shown in the grid.  In this case, Test Pos Pay and test have been created for live data. They both can be scheduled to run at the same time, or you can choose to schedule just one account.  Note: It is not possible to schedule them at different times and days using the Scheduler. See Custom Import Menus if you need this type of setup.

To create a job:

Enable the checkbox in the Import column of the account you wish to use.

Click the gray box under the Import G/L File Name to browse for the source file to be imported.

Select how you wish the system to handle transmission of the Positive Pay file.  Your choices are:

No (Positive Pay file is created, but not transmitted. You must transmit manually).

Only when new records imported

Yes, always (On every job, the file is transmitted using the method you set in

Schedule the job

Click the Scheduler button.

A screen will pop up requiring a Windows username and password.  The Scheduler will use this username and password to schedule the job.  You may leave the password blank, but the job may not run due to lack of authorization as required by Windows.

After entering username and password, click Next.

The Scheduler will now be displayed (below).

Figure 1 - Scheduler

To schedule a job to run once a day on certain days and at certain times, select the check boxes for each day and then enter the time in Start Time textbox.

If you need to schedule a job to run multiple times per day, click the "Repeat throughout the day" button.

The information shown below will be displayed in the Scheduler window.

Figure 2 - Repeat throughout day

Click the checkbox.  

The job can be scheduled to run in increments of hours or minutes.  Enter the length of time between job runs and then select hours or minutes from the dropdown box.

In the textbox on the right side, you can specify the end time for the schedule.

For example, ABC Company wants to run their job every 30 minutes, but only between 11 AM and 3PM.

In Figure 1, ABC would set the start time to 11:00 AM and choose the appropriate days.  In Figure 2, ABC would enable the checkbox, then enter 30 into the first textbox, change dropdown to minutes, and put 3:00PM in the remaining textbox.

When completed, click Finish.


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