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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

How you transmit to the bank depends entirely on your bank's options or directions for receiving the files.

To view the options available to you through ACH Universal, select the Settings tab, then Transmission Options.


There are five choices available as a transmission method.



The ACH file will be created and archived, but it will not be transmitted.  You must transmit the file manually.


After creation, ACH Universal will transmit the file to the FTP server you specify.  This should be your bank's FTP server.  Includes SSL capability.  Contact your bank for information on their requirements.

Web Upload

After creation, your default Internet browser will be started to a specified web page that corresponds to your bank's upload portal.  Upload the created file.


ACH Universal will email the created file as an attachment to the email addresses specified. This method is not recommended as it is unsecured.


For integration with third party utilities.  Enables the use of SSH, SSL with certificates and OpenPGP. Note: OpenPGP is not the same as PGP.  


Web upload

The vast majority of our clients upload the ACH file through their bank's web portal.
If this is the case with you, select the third option, 'Web Upload', and enter your bank's URL address to login.

Then, whenever you create an ACH file, ACH Universal will open an instance of your default browser to that login page.  Think of it as an 'electronic sticky-note reminder'.


See 'Changing File Transmission Method' to set up the transmission method as required by your bank.







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