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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

You are able to create:

--Tax payments in the TXP10 format, and in any format

Includes Federal, State and local taxes such as cigarette, liquor, lottery and excise taxes.
TXP*651122334*94105*120901*1*300000*2*104400*3*430000*3435\   (941 Federal Payroll)
TXP*651122334*0108M*120901*1*T*23900******YOURCO*120901*3435\ (State Excise Tax)

--Child support in DED/CS formats

DED*CS*FD146*110204*54789*6576562134*N*DOE, JOHN*28001\  (State child support)

--Private sector (vendor) payments in RMR, or any format
RMR*IV*8045551212**34563\  (Telecommunications payment)

656876532*34563\    (Simple account number with payment)



How to create an Addenda Record

1. If you already created the field, simply import the addenda information with your data


2. If you don't have the data, ACH Universal can create the addenda record for you.

In all profiles (i.e., Vendor and Government Agencies), you can enter the layout of the specified format (below).  See Tax Payments - TXP' for detailed information on TXP and Vendor payments.


3. Need to create a CTX file with multiple addenda records?

See 'CTX' on how to create EDI in an 820 transaction set using our embedded EDI engine.

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