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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

ACH Universal encrypts account numbers using the most secure symmetrical encryption algorithm available (AES-256). AES is used by the U.S. and Canadian governments as their standards for encrypting data.


Hashing - Insertion/change protection

Each record is hashed--and the hash is encrypted--to insure that records remain unchanged and that no records are inserted by circumventing the system.


To enable:

Click on the Settings tab and then 'Encrypt Databases'


The Database Encryption window will be displayed.



--Either feature may be enabled at any time.

--To maintain security - once turned 'On', the features require Treasury Software Support to turn 'Off'.

--These features are available in all platforms (Desktop, SQL Express and SQL Server), as well as all editions.



Reminder: All Treasury Software security is applied on an account by account basis.







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