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There are various reasons you may not be able to connect to Treasury Software, depending on the license type and your environment. Here are some of the frequent issues that we encounter:


If you are using the Desktop edition (installed on a local workstation):

It is important that Treasury Software is located on the C: drive of your local workstation. If placed on a network drive or SQL Server, the database may become corrupt as it is not a database that can be shared/accessed by more than one person.

If you have an IT Department that manages your computer system, you may need to ask them if any changes were made to your workstation.


If you are using the Workgroup edition (bundled with a SQL Express database):

Each workstation that is to access the SQL Express database will need to download Treasury Software and be connected to that SQL database. If the database was installed on a workstation, and that workstation is turned off, the other users will not be able to access the software.

The permissions may have been changed in your SQL Express.

Is the SQL Express running? Check the Services app to find the SQL Express (would end in \TREASOFT) and make sure it is 'on'.


If you are using the Enterprise (SQL Server) edition:

You will likely need to contact your IT Department, or a SQL Administrator, as they have access to the SQL Server Management Studio. Were changes made in SQL Server Management Studio?

Did the user ‘Migrate to SQL Express, SQL Server’ after downloading the software? [from Settings tab]

Is the ‘PosPay User Role’ checked in SQL Server Management Studio?

Were permissions changed or accounts changed in SQL Server Management Studio?


 Other issues that occasionally arise:

If you upgraded the software and you had a traditional license, you may need to request a new license for the current year’s software.  Contact us.

If logging in to your workstation remotely, the workstation could be offline or the remote system could be offline.

If you are working in a hosted environment, you may want to contact the third-party hosting provider. Did they move Treasury Software files to a different server? (If integrating with QuickBooks, it is necessary for Treasury Software and QuickBooks to be in the same place on their server.)

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