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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

The Notification of Change Merge Utility enables users to import an ACH file and generate Notification of Change transactions for each record that has an old ABA number.

The Notification of Change (COR) entry will contain the new ABA number as the corrected data, as well as 'C02' (updated ABA number) as the NOC code.

After the Notification of Change transactions are created, you can create an ACH file to send, just like any other ACH file.

--Transactions in the ACH file which do not have the old ABA number are ignored.

--This utility is only available in the Corporate Edition



We recommend that you print this page prior to starting.

1. Create a new account specifically for this utility

From the main menu select File > New > Create and complete the New Account Wizard.  When finished, it will prompt you if you want to 'Enter your transmission information now?'. Click Yes.

2. ACH Setup wizard

If you did not select 'Yes' in the step above, simply select File > ACH Setup to start the wizard.

a. On screen 3 of 7 select 'COR - Notification of Change'.


b. On screen 7 of 7 click on the 'NOC-COR' tab.

Enter the old and new ABA numbers.

We recommend checking the 'Auto-delete' feature.  This feature addresses the ACH records you will be importing that do not use the old ABA number.  As these records are of no use to you, we can provide the housekeeping functionality to remove them.  However, if you wish to keep them, leave the checkbox unchecked.  

Click 'Finish' to save your updates.


c. Import Safety Locks - recommended (not required)

We highly recommend putting the Import Safety Locks 'On'.

From the main menu select File > Options > General > Import tab.  Scroll to the bottom and turn the Safety Locks 'On'.  

This prevents your users from accidentally trying to import the ACH file from the main screen icon.  If they try to import from the main screen it will only convert their ACH file to Excel, it will not import the file.



Use:  Import ACH file received

Import your ACH file received from the Federal Reserve Bank (or other processor) from the main menu at Import > ACH File > ACH File.


Create new ACH file containing NOC's

Click on the 'Create ACH File' button on the home page, then click on the 'Create ACH File' button on the creation page.


Note: The count on the creation page is for all transactions in the file, not just the NOC transactions.




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