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Easily Create & Transmit ACH Files

Need to make payments on behalf of multiple taxpayers, but it is impractical to create a profile for each one?


1. Create a profile for the state agency as you would for a single taxpayer, and enter the banking information.



2. Click to the Addenda tab.  Below is what our earlier example looks like for a single taxpayer.


We are going to change the addenda line (bold indicates changes)


DED*CS*YS2324*[Period_Date]*[Amount]*065932314*N*Doe, John*417300*N\



and save.

Note: The Verification field is used as the 'Case Identifier'.


3. Then import your file, mapping the fields.

TAX_TaxPayerName and TAX_TaxpayerID


Create and process the file as normal.

Note: You may still need to substitute the Tax Payer Name and ID on the '6' record.  [If so, please see '6 Record Substitution'.]

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