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There are several license types and options, based on feature sets desired and based on your platform/environment. 

Pricing options include:

  • Month-to-month subscription licenses that include Support (for access to Tech Support and upgrades); and
  • Traditional/perpetual licenses--one-time payment (that require an annual support subscription for Tech Support and upgrades).  Support subscriptions are typically about 18.5% of the traditional license cost.

For example, Standard, Corporate, and Processor identify the feature sets of ACH Universal, shown here:


This is a snapshot of the subscription license options and pricing for ACH Universal:


If you will be a single user and would not need to share information with another user on a daily basis, you would likely want the Desktop platform license.

If there will be more than one user and the data transactions and history would need to be shared between the users, you would want the Workgroup or Enterprise platform license.


Here are the typical platform and feature considerations when deciding on a license type:


 If you have questions about licensing, you are welcome to contact us by email or phone: (804) 290-4420.

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